Free Kids Coloring pages

We all want our children to grow up healthy and developed. It is necessary to contribute to the early years of a child's development. At an early age children learn about the world through playing. They not only get pleasure from this process, but also they develop. One of the educational games is coloring books for children.
Coloring is a developing child game, where the child sees a picture, which is not colored yet. His goal is to make this picture bright colored. Coloring develops kids’ imagination.
All children love to paint, and not only on paper but also on the walls, on the furniture, even at my mother's arms and Dad's pants. It is no coincidence, because coloring is an interesting exercise, which is also very useful. When a child paints, it expands its knowledge about the world around him, gets acquainted with the shape and color accuracy, develops fine hand motor skills and it will help your child learn the letter without any problems and difficulties in the future. And most importantly, the baby gets positive emotions working with crayons and paints.

Most Popular Coloring Pages

Owl Coloring Pages For Adults

Owl is a member of numerous owl kind, which, also includes such groups of species as eagle owls, horned owls, tawny owl and owlets. They are all very similar by the appearance, with the difference in feather color, size and habitat. The colorings depicting owls can be found species with feather appendages on their heads, those are ears. Owls are birds of prey. They are proactive and get food only at night, having a well-developed auditory and visual analyzer. Some people are often called "owls", thereby indicating their night waking existence. Colorings pages acquaint with the most well-known representatives of this group and help assemble a collection of these amazing birds.

Girls Coloring Pages

Coloring books is something that will entice the child, and sometimes it takes up to several hours. Meanwhile you can easily do your household tasks, without being distracted by your child, by virtue of the fact that your kid embodies his childish dream into life.
Coloring books for girls are more than fascinating. You can pick any topic out of thousands by which you keep your sweet daughter busy. Girls most favorite colorings are: dolls, pets and different princesses they have previously seen in the fairy tales and cartoons. It is even more interesting to get your girl acquainted with the characters by showing her the cartoon and then give a coloring to finish it up.

Coloring Page For Adults

The main purpose for creating this type of colorings is to get the stress out of your body and mind. It shows a complex and cyclical patterns. A distinctive feature is the anti-stress colorings variety with diverse forms and elements, these images are suitable for older children or adults as Art Therapy. Animals, flowers, people, cities, mandalas, intricate patterns, whatever that can make you satisfied and feel joy.
There is a large varied selection of different categories from animals hiding in the forest to the colorful multifaceted forms. No doubt, anti-stress colorings will help you to relieve stress and get away from the external life for a while.

Coloring Pages For Teens

Our world is so exciting that every particle of it arouses curiosity and desire to explore it. Drawing and painting the pictures and discovering the world is not only fun, but also useful. The genius lives within each of us, and to awaken a creative force, we would you to offer a special collection of coloring books targeted to those who is already in his/her teens. These images go aside from those for children by their complexity and details. Normally these large in size and have small objects. The teenagers working on the coloring create not just a common picture, but a masterpiece.

Disney Coloring Pages

Coloring books Disney is a great way to spend free time with your children, creating your own unique masterpiece. In this section we have collected large amount of colorings from all your favorite cartoon characters from Walt Disney that you can easily download and print them out for free.
Disney colorings include black-and-white pictures of these cartoons as 101 Dalmatians, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Bears Gummi, Alice in Wonderland where you will meet Donald Duck, Goofy, Chip and Dale, Bugs Bunny, Timon and Pumbaa, Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck and others.
Kids of all ages enjoy the cartoons made by Disney, and therefore they are likely to be happy, if you download or print them for coloring with the image of their favorite characters. We wish you have a great time with our Disney colorings.

Flowers Coloring Pages

Coloring books with flowers is a whole world of beauty and colors. The large variety of possible colors will delight the child and give him complete freedom in the choice of colors. Most of all this section will be interesting to girls, even though they are still quite small, but love flowers so much.
In the coloring books depicting flowers we have collected various options of colors, shades; you can also find them simple, in vases, in baskets, some of which can be colored and cut out and used as a decoration for the holiday. A large variety of flowers will make your imagination work to the fullest.

Animals Coloring Pages

Coloring books with animals is a bright and diverse world of animals, insects and mammals. Children will be curios to get to know animals they have never seen before, it will be very interesting to view the great variety of living beings, as well as the already beloved pets such as cats, dogs and others.
Images with animals for children are quite interesting, informative, lovely; they show large number of animals that children are fond of. We have collected for you a large collection of pictures of animals; you just let your child to choose the favorite coloring. Colorization process will allow the child to become better acquainted with the world of animals, and the parents will be able to observe how they perceive the world of animals.

Frozen Coloring Pages

The world has been taken by the eternal winter, and only a brave Princess Anne knows how to make everything back to normal, so she takes a good-natured Christophe and deer Sven with her, and departured to a long way traveling. There are many surprises and wonders awaiting the heroes; one of the most remarkable will be the acquittance with a snowman named Olaf.
We have tried to make a collection gathering all the main characters of the cartoon Frozen displayed in our coloring book. Enjoy meeting your favorite Disney characters. We do hope you will enjoy coloring them!

Cute Coloring Pages

Coloring book a black and white picture you want your children to paint in a variety of colors. For this your girl or boy will need pencils, markers, or watercolors. What could be more fun for children than to paint your favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons or comics in the bright colors of the rainbow. In addition to all this, coloring helps develop artistic taste, train visual memory and fine motor skills.
We offer you a great variety of cute pictures for children depicting diverse topics: fairy tales, cartoons, flowers, anime, learning, nature, vegetables and fruits, cars, trees, animals, etc.

Boys Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for boys is a great selection targeted only to one group of children taking into account their taste. Fairy tales, cartoons, good and evil characters most of all are good for 3-7 years old boys; for children 10-12 years old you will find a huge number of technical stuff for coloring: machinery, aircraft, ships, tanks, robots.
Choosing developmental coloring book for boys from our selection by downloading them or printing them out directly. You can use colored pencils, paints or markers to make black-and-white pictures full of life. Hope you will like coloring the images together with your boy.

Kids Coloring Pages

Coloring as a developmental activity for children plays an important role in the many skills formation. We perceive this curious pastime more like the development of fine motor skills, but children go way further.
There is no doubt that the main purpose for coloring lies in training children's hands. This develops fine motor skills, learning new skills, preparation for school and to the hand writing. While painting your kid chooses the colors, combines them together on interoperability, showing the taste and demonstrating artistic skills. This activity is to some degree is a discipline; a child learns to perform monotonous work, bring it to the end; it also gives perseverance, accuracy, independence.

Pokemon Coloring Pages

Pokemon colorings is one of the most popular Japanese media franchise, cartoon and trademark known worldwide. In fact, initially this was not Pokemon cartoon but a computer game, or even a series of computer games invented by Nintendo and instantly became popular in Japan. Basing upon this, the decision to create an animated series in the anime style was made, which also glorified Pokemon all over the world.
The word "Pokémon" is a monster, which has a unique appearance and supernatural powers; today there has been invented 649 types of Pokémon (the most famous of which is Pikachu), but judging by the cartoon's popularity in our days, the number is and will be increasing.